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Hi there!  I'm Lindsay.

I’m a musician, an entrepreneur, an activist and a thought leader.  I'm also the CEO & Founder of The Overture Institute.  
I'm committed to helping you get back in the drivers' seat of your life, find greater meaning and direct it with intention.

The Overture Institute (TOI) is a hub I created to be a resource to anyone and everyone interested in bettering themselves and their lives by learning about how self reflection and self awareness can be the keys to changing your life. 

I am the CEO and Founder of TOI.  I’m a musician, an entrepreneur, an activist and a thought leader.  Ten years ago I went through a series of life events that gave me the opportunity to do the hard work of rebuilding myself.  Through years of searching, reading, talking to others, and serious self reflection, I distilled everything I discovered about living a full, vibrant, aware life into nine key thought areas.  Everything that I bring into TOI incorporates these thought areas with specific and unique applications in order to help others successfully learn about and apply them to their own lives.  In so doing, they change their lives. 

I am just one person who has done the work.  I am here to show you how to do yours. 

When you participate with TOI, what you gain is a new outlook on life.  You gain a new perspective and way of engaging with yourself and your life in a way that will enable you to maximize the opportunities in front of you - chiefly - of living life itself.  This work is crucial now because if we, as human beings, do not stop what we are doing and learn how to live better, we will continue down a path that is the very real definition of self-destructive.  Look all around you and you will find reasons why this work is the most important work to be done. 

On the other side is a peace and happiness that can only come from deep and full self-awareness. 

I have it.  I want it for everyone else, too. 

Welcome to TOI. 

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