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A mindset of exploration

Uncategorized May 31, 2021

If we all were able to be inquisitive first; conclusive second, the world would be a much different place.  If we could catch ourselves before we presume, we could better navigate communication.  

The idea of exploration can be applied countless ways in our daily lives, but today I'd like to offer a few thoughts on how we can apply it to our relationships with others, and with ourselves.

Especially in a world culture that places a great deal of "value" on the external and appearance, it's no wonder that people go about their lives judging books by their covers.  

But what if we practiced another way of interacting?  What if, we could catch ourselves making judgements and instead, be inquisitive without judgement.  Further, could we apply additional curiosity to that moment and even ask ourselves how we might add value and be of service, instead of flatly detracting?  

I offer that if we could approach our interactions with others from a mindset that is based on open curiosity and then adds to that by looking for a way to be helpful, we would each drastically change our lives.  Our relation to others would improve exponentially - and by osmosis our relation to ourselves would shift for the better.  

You see, that's why I think - no - I know that all of these ideas are vital to living a full and vibrant life.  I know because I've been on both sides and have felt the very real difference of being on the side where my default is to openly explore and be curious.  This inquisitive default has gotten me so much farther than a closed, stagnant and fearful judgement mindset ever did.

I know it will do the same for you.  So next time you see someone (or yourself) and find yourself wanting to pass judgement, pause.  During this pause, ask yourself why you are thinking this way, and then instead of fostering that behavior, flip things for yourself and see how it feels to be a little bit curious instead.  


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