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Six months in and what have I learned? 

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2020
Six months feels like an important marker in time. 
As I went on a beautiful run and subsequent walk yesterday, I realized that there are two lessons that I've come to understand the importance of on a deeper level these past six months.  The first is the lesson of gratitude that I always talk so much about.  These past months, our lives have been drastically changing every single day.  Sometimes, from moment to moment, we don't know what will come next.  With all the change and uncertainty, I've felt more acutely than ever before how important it is to really be in each and every moment and to be grateful for it - when things are good and when things are not.   I've had to rely more on what I know about the opportunities that lie in challenges and remind myself of that many times a day.
The second lesson that I talk about quite a bit and teach in every offering in The Overture Institute, is the importance of being able to listen to yourself.  With so much going on outside, I have relied on my strong ability to tap into my inner self multiple times each day.  From that place of stillness, I have been able to keep moving forward, even in the most challenging moments.   
Don't misunderstand, I have struggled.  Having to so actively tap into my toolbox these last few months has been exhausting at times, and has tested what I think I know.
As I sit here though, six months and a few days in, I am more sure and determined than I ever have been that what I have learned and distilled during life so far, and what I have put into The Overture Institute, are the few things that really, truly work.  They have built me into a person who can move through this life with awareness and love.  These hard-won lessons were all totally worth it and especially useful when they show up in times like these. 
There is a lot to do in front of us.  Many difficult and important decisions rest on the horizon.  
As I sit here today, I'm still hopeful.  

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