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The Strength of a Resolution is Only as Strong as the Intention

lindsayrider Jan 20, 2019

Here we are, a few weeks into January in this beautiful new year and I'm wondering how everyone else is doing with their resolutions.  

Are some of you going hard and staying strong in your resolve?  Are others already moving past their January 1 goals?  Perhaps some of you opted out of the resolution thing altogether this year (a completely reasonable thing to do)

One thing I've noticed this week is that the gym is CRAZY busy!  And people are serious about their workouts!  As with most years, by mid-February or March, things will settle a bit.  People will move on, make other choices, give up.  

Each year I wonder, why do people really do that?  The same people who will come in full force and make sure their yoga mat is front. and. center. are many times the same people who in a matter of weeks will stop showing up.  

Now don't get me wrong, I think change can be an excellent thing.  It's a reality of life and can bring about incredible gifts and excitement.  It can also be very scary though, if you don't know how to look at it (more on that in a later blog)

I think, too, that many amazing people tap out too soon on their resolutions, or changes.  


Because their "why" - the intention behind the change they wanted to make - wasn't there.  And the success of a resolution depends on the intention behind it.

In order to address any change in your life, you need to grapple with a few key components.  One of these is to figure out your "why".  When you know and remind yourself regularly of the reason why you are doing something - changing something - you will have a stronger and more real and aware connection to yourself - and that connection is what will carry you through each choice you make.

So for example: say, this year you decided that you want to get moving 3x each week.  Ask yourself - WHY, do I want to move more?  And then make sure your answer isn't superficial and easy to walk away from - make sure your intention is deeply rooted and strong.  For instance:

"because it would be nice to just fit into those pants again"


"because last year I realized that in order to improve my long-term health, I've gotta get moving!"

Which one is a stronger, more intentional, deeper choice?


I think we need to ask ourselves this question for each choice we make - even after January is over.  

I know that I do this all the time in my daily life, and then I set myself up for success - another crucial piece.  I schedule my day/week/month around making sure that I get done what I need to.  Whether it's getting to the gym or setting aside time to write this blog - it's intentional, and therefore it's a stronger, longer-lasting choice that will really change my life the way I want it to.


So - How can you re-eval your intentions for this year?  Anything you would change?  Anything you can reinforce by identifying a strong intention?


Let me know - I'd love to hear what you do!

Until next time...let's see it done.




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