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You get SO much more than you give

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2021

One of the fundamental truths of life that I have uncovered so far is that each and every one of us is here in order to search for and discover what we are uniquely here to bring forward into the world. Then, once we find it, our job is to go about the business of living that out.   Each of us has something incredible and singular to offer, and it's our responsibility to be of service to one another as we move through this life.  

Over the years, the invitation to give back has shown up in many ways in my life.  I have given of my time, resources, and connections.  I've donated shoes and skills and snickerdoodles (vegan of course).  I've produced benefit concerts, fundraisers and even went so far as to create an entire company around the idea of giving back and sharing what I have learned, so far.  

Here's what I know:  each one of us can do something, every day, just by being ourselves.  

And here's what else I've found: that in so doing, we perhaps get back SO much more than we end up giving away.  

Giving perpetuates kindness and draws us closer as a community.  But it doesn't have to look like mine to count.  Giving for you could, indeed, look like giving of your financial abundance.  It could also look like giving of your time and expertise; it can look like making a connection for someone; it could be a hug, a kind word, a smile.  

Most of the time, it doesn't matter the size of what you give - what matters is the intention behind it.  THAT is the energy behind it - whose end result you may never see or feel directly, but will create a ripple effect that quite literally could change the world.

Today, I encourage each one of us to think about all the various ways in which we may be able to give back to those around us, and to the causes and organizations that resonate with our own personal mission and vision statement.   

Especially this year, we have seen all around us the impact that small acts, when done collectively, can really change the entire world for the better.  But, why stop there?!  Why leave it to others?!  We ALL need to be active participants.  

Perhaps you don't quite know yet what you could do.  That's OK.  Why not try out a few different things and see what feels right for you? 

One thing I absolutely promise you is that you won't ever regret putting the energy and intention of kindness and giving back into the world.  

In advance, I thank you for your contribution.  


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