When done thoughtfully,

there is no substitute

for time spent together.



It's simply amazing what mindful & intentional conversation can do.

There is some work that can only be done through dedicated, curated one-on-one time.  In an individualized setting, GATHER provides that opportunity.  

GATHER is The Overture Institute's version of an immersive, curated retreat.  With programming available anywhere from a few hours to a few days, your group will experience connection, alignment and rejuvenation on a new level.  

Sessions are designed based on business or personal desired outcomes.  Groups partner with us to create their own experience, led by the CEO & Founder, Lindsay Rider.  

The intention of GATHER is to create a group experience that you will never forget and will inspire you to live your best life - whether that be for business outcomes, personal growth - or BOTH!

With over a decade of professional experience, we know that there are nearly endless limits to what a GATHER experience can look like, and unlimited possibilities for you and your group on the other side.

GATHER is so much more than a meeting...

CLICK on the "Contact" button below and fill our our contact form in order to schedule a complimentary Exploration call with CEO & Founder, Lindsay Rider.

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