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Clearing Space

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2020

I very recently experienced another moment of one of life's Reminders.  It's amazing, really, that now when they come, I can feel them as they approach, when they are happening, and also recognize when I'm on the other side.  Today, I'm on the other side of my most recent Reminder and am feeling at peace and deeply grateful.  

While I was in it, I felt like a buoy being pulled down.  As soon as I cleared it though, everything around me and within me just sprung up!  Right back to the surface, taking a big breath of fresh air at the top.   

This particular Reminder was about Clearing Space - specifically, a forced clearing space in life to allow for what should really be there - people and activity.  

As I think back on it, I understand that if we really listen to ourselves, I think we know what should be there.  How many of us are distracted by other things, though?  Especially now, when there is so much going on around us that can ask for our attention.  

Importantly, what I learned this time around is that friction in our lives can be limiting, and is there to call for our attention.  Limiting behaviors or beliefs don't ultimately serve us, and are there as a guide to Remind us that we can clear that out.  We should clear it out, if we can, to allow for what should be there - what is waiting just on the other side in the expanse that the clearing creates.


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