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TOI: Speak

Hello!!! Can you HEAR me?! Too many times, the answer is “no”. Through curated group discussion and personal technical training, SPEAK is delivered over the course of 4-16 weeks, or a few very intense days. CEO & Founder, Lindsay Rider offers this course directly as only she can - with kindness, a bit of humor, and a lot of hard work. The course begins with the application of a few, core, Overture principles. From there, students will learn the techniques that are foundational to effective communication, and how to apply them. Lastly, each student will identify and work through their own specific areas where they find opportunity for growth. Many find value in spacing out the technical elements in order to devote the practice needed to advance their skills. This work is best delivered over time (recommendation 4 months), but can be started as an intensive. We are equipped to support you through it, and offer curated and thoughtful follow up conversations as well. Whether you’re speaking on a big stage with the benefit of amplification, need to execute a successful pitch or get through your next individual meeting, Speak is for you. Communication is one of the most powerful tools we have and in this course, you will learn how to wield it. We begin, as always, with awareness and mindfulness practices. From there, participants will learn about their instrument from the inside out and take away practical tools that will help them get their message across and ensure that everyone is listening.

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TOI: Gather

It’s simply amazing what a few days can do! There is some work that can only be done through dedicated, curated one-on-one time in an individualized setting, and Gather provides that opportunity. GATHER is The Overture Institute’s version of an immersive, curated retreat. With programming available for your group available from anywhere from 3-5+ days, your group will experience rejuvenation on a new level. Mornings begin with clean meals, mindful practices and activities that best suit your group. Sessions throughout the day are curated for the intention and needs of each group, and are based on the principles of The Overture Institute. Evenings are spent enjoying the local scene or continuing inner exploration. With access to the suite of TOI offerings, groups partner with us to design their own once-in-a-lifetime experience and have access to the CEO & Founder, Lindsay Rider, as well as a host of other experts in their field. From movement to meditation, culinary arts to other artistic curiosities, GATHER is an experience that you will never forget, and will inspire you to live your best life when you return home. The best part, you’ll return knowing exactly how to do that, for yourself! Participants in the Gather experience enjoy the benefit of personalized time with your group to work through issues areas. A truly unique experience, attendees will meet in five-star settings and be guided through their workshop from dawn to dusk (and after!). These few days are transformational and will shift the trajectory for each individual, and the larger group unit as well. There are nearly endless limits to what a Gather experience can look like, and unlimited possibilities for you on the other side.


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