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The importance of taking time

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2019

I looked up and it was mid-December.  How?!

Well of course I know how.

Each month I thought that I would take the time to write my thoughts down, post on social, etc.  

Didn't happen.  

Instead, each day of each week I had something else take that time, and I realized quickly how easy it really is to lose track and not live your life in the mindful ways we all want to.  I, too, fell into a place where I was getting down on myself for not prioritizing as I knew I wanted to.  

Soon, though, as I looked December head-on, I was reminded of my end of year evaluation process and in that remembering, I snapped back into a place where I had the motivation to set aside this time.  This was a trigger that worked for me, and the result is that I have dedicated time in a few weeks to do this review, and I also protected the time in my calendar enough to just write this very post.  I had something else entirely planned, but knew that this was too important and timely to let pass.

Especially during this time of year, it's so easy to get busy and caught up with all the things to do, people to see, lists to go through.  As we approach the next few weeks I'd like to suggest that you keep a few things in mind:

1. Take the time each day to just breathe.  Be present to the moment you are in and appreciate it - it goes by so quickly.

2. Schedule the time in your calendar right now to do your own thinking/writing/year-end review.  Then protect that time and stick to it!

3. If you don't do either of the above, go easy on yourself.  Then the next time you have the opportunity to make a new decision - make a better one.

It's the string of moments like this that are impactful both in the short and long term.  


As I move forward, I will inevitably slip up again, and I've already forgiven myself.  But I'll try to remember that I always feel so wonderful after giving myself this time.  This breathing space.  It's where all of my best ideas come from, anyway.


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