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There's a first time for everything

Uncategorized May 19, 2021

I wasn't always "into" wellness.  For the majority of my life so far I actually didn't even really know what "wellness" was.  As it happens, I was forced into considering wellness.

I say I was forced, because at the time I wasn't readily willing to explore a wellness mindset or the corresponding behaviors.  I actively looked everywhere else for it actually - searched for every other possible option before I considered altering my mindset and behavior.  It was going to be unknown and uncomfortable, so at the time I only wanted to go down that road if it was an absolute last resort.  And so it was. 

For me, this all started with a necessary curiosity around how I could help my body become healthier.  I started eating more plants and considered where my energy was coming from.  I decided to start shifting its source.  Not long after this change, I noticed that I started to physically feel lighter and freer - more full of love.  Not too long after that, this lightness started to seep into my soul.  Now THIS was wellness.  

Once you have a lived experience with this kind of vitality and joy, it's not possible to give it up, and so it became a priority for me to seek out this vibrancy in every area of my life. My pursuit became wellness: to BE well.  


They say there's a first time for everything.  For me, the full application of this "first time" was so powerful that it changed my whole life for the better.  Now everything I seek to share in order to help others comes from this place of wellness and levity and I just LOVE it! 


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