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Why the Olympics are exactly what I needed this week

lindsay rider Aug 26, 2018

Whether it's swimming or snowboarding, half-pipe or hurdles, there's just something about the camaraderie and uplifting nature of the Olympic games that makes me feel so hopeful and happy.  Ya know?

Sure, there are disappointments and setbacks, and the pressure is absolutely ON for these athletes, but there are stories of struggle and triumph that are inspiring...and that's just what I think we all need right about now.

One of the reasons I think the Games resonate with me so much is because (for the most part), it reminds me that in a world where you can pay for followers, filter your face and watch so much negativity surround you - they represent the way it "should be".  

What I mean is that if you focus, dedicate yourself and work hard to become the very best version of yourself you can be, you can indeed be rewarded.  But there are no guarantees or short-cuts on that path.  There are years before a glimmer of payoff is seen.  No instant gratification.  Just pride and gratitude.  Sometimes it's pride and gratitude not for a medal, but for the journey itself.  And isn't that an idea we all need to focus on right about now?

Right about now my life feels like I'm on a ski slope with challenges every which way I turn.  At this very moment, I decided that I'd just go ahead and sit down on one of those huge life moguls, take a look up and down the mountain, and spend some good time thinking about how I got to this place.  This place isn't comfortable, mind you, and I know that I've gotta get back up and keep navigating the hill.  

What gives me courage and hope for all of us though, is that I truly do believe that if we each dig deep, we can find the Olympian inside ourselves.  Now listen, of course I don't mean that everyone is a figure skater - you'll not see me in a leotard THAT'S FOR SURE!

Today as I'm proud of this country in so many ways, and proud of myself and those I love too, I wonder - what about you?  Let's all take a minute to be grateful, wherever we are on the mountain.  


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