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Welcome to Overture

If you only ever take one course, let it be this one. Overture is a one-of-a-kind online course delivered through a private membership website. Each week, students will learn about a new, fundamental thought area which will lead them to discover awareness and intention as they never have before. Overture introduces students to a whole new way of living. Each of the six weeks builds on the next. Growth is achieved through crucial self-reflection exercises, individual guidance and tools which empower students to live their lives in a way they never imaged. Overture is a community as well, and so we include the opportunity for ongoing comments and feedback for the students. It's a safe place to share thoughts, victories, hurdles, a chance to hear from others, and ME in person!

What if your best work, your best life, was on the other side of self-examination?

(hint hint, it is!)

After years of struggling and soul-searching as a working artist, I knew that the way I was approaching my life wasn't working.

My life was living me, not the other way around.

Through a lot of trial and error, and some challenging self-examination, I finally got my life going on the path I truly, authentically wanted. So many others noticed a change in me, and wanted to know what I had done to become happy, grounded, and producing some of my best work yet!

So, after years of compiling resources, narrowing down questions, and combing through my emotional tool-box (as I call it), I finally came up with the series of important thought areas and corresponding questions and tasks that helped to guide me through.


This is the work of Overture.  It's the most important work I've ever done in my life and it's made all the difference.  I know it will do the same for you!

What can Overture do for you?

Overture is the essential "Life Course 101" and will change your life, if you let it. During any point of life change or struggle, you will know how to turn to the work outlined in Overture to help guide your choices and direct your life with meaning and intention.

Perfect if you're...

  • Someone searching for the “why” in any area of your life.
  • Someone who wants to help yourself, but don't know how, or where to start!
  • Someone who doesn’t know the next step, has hit rock bottom, has lost yourself, needs motivation, new direction - a life change.

 Please pass if you're...

  • Someone who's closed off to the question: What if?
  • Someone who won’t truly and genuinely put in the time, emotional effort, and thoughtfulness into working on themselves.
  • Someone who isn't up for a challenge or change.

Why I made Overture... for you!

Honestly, at first I didn’t even know I was creating something - I just had to do something to help myself.


After friends and colleagues asked me what had changed in me, I realized it was really all this work I’d done for myself that had made a huge impact.   They were all curious about how to implement these ideas in their own life, and as I explained my process to them, I realized that this work is SO missing in everything from schools, to C suites, and I knew that I could help others by talking about it in my own unique, accessible way.


So, I created the Overture coursework.  


I believe deeply that every single person wants to lead the life they are meant to live here, and being in awareness is absolutely essential to getting there.


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