This isn't the first time someone has said "enough".  Sadly, it may not be the last.  But here we are again.  

I usually don't chime in too much on political or otherwise charged issues - though those who know me know I've got an opinion for sure!

And I know that when things outside of us become overwhelming, the knee-jerk response may be to act outwards - to fix - to change - to perhaps get angry - and just say, "enough is enough is enough already".  I'm not saying those aren't all valid and sometimes very helpful responses.  Certainly, I have found myself feeling all of those things at various times throughout my life, and especially have been challenged with them recently.  

But immediately I shift focus, and know that even if outside happenings and circumstances are maddening, I must look inside to not only handle my feelings, but also react responsibly and get to a place where I can contribute in a positive way.  

Today the song "Man in...

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Put your mask on first

I'll level with you.  It was just this past year that I was most recently scolded by my mother.  Folks, I'm in my 30's.  Tough love.  Sometimes though, we just need a reminder from those who know and love us.  

You may be asking: 'And what the heck did you do?!'  Well.  I'll tell you.

I'm the kind of person who wants to help in any way I can, every way I can.  I say 'yes' too much (though I'm getting way better at that), and believe in the benefit of the doubt, and want to embrace second chances.  This particular time though, I said 'yes' without fully considering the consequences I would take on.  

Now sure, sometimes you do a thing just for the simple reason of being self-less, and it's important to be of service.  But this wasn't that - this was me putting myself in an unhealthy situation for the benefit of the "what if".  I did it because I was curious; because I wanted to believe things could be different this time....

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